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Houston Rachel's Vineyard
Interdenominational & Catholic Retreats

".....I was very afraid to step into Rachel's Vineyard. I have been to numerous counselors and no one ever seemed to hit it just right. Being with other women who have had the same experience made me feel for the first time that I was not alone. There is so much out there about abortion being safe and simple that sometimes I felt that maybe I'm just truly crazy. Everyone told me there was no palpable reason for the feelings I struggled with. Working with the group I felt for the first time in my life I was not alone. Not only did I have the love and support of other women, but I felt the love and forgiveness of God. "

"....In the beginning, I almost dreaded coming. As I think back over the past few months, I see a very positive change in myself. Rachel's Vineyard has helped me to put my whole life into perspective. I feel better about myself in new ways as a result of all our difficult discussions. I realize how I have blocked so much out of my mind. Developing a spiritual relationship with my babies was very emotional but really wonderful. I finally feel God's forgiveness and also that he loves me. I never felt that before. "

"....When I started Rachel's Vineyard the only thing I felt was pain, just pain, indivisible. Nothing identifiable, nothing I could face and confront; like guilt or rage or sorrow. All I knew was that I had an abortion 20 years ago and images were starting to haunt me. Words like murder were coming into my head. I did not want a christian religious experience. I wanted to stay in control of my spirituality. I did not want to be in a support group with a bunch of women who were letting a male God take over their lives. I wanted to stay the "outsider" But I badly wanted someone to help me. I found what I asked for. I found people who cared about me. I found the acceptance I've longed for all my life. I found a sense of Jesus Christ. God in man, that for the first time made sense of all the theology. Only it was Jesus working through his community - wherever two or more of you are gathered in my name. I found love and forgiveness and understanding. I was finally able to name my pain. "

".....The most important and helpful feelings I experienced in Rachel's Vineyard were a sense of forgiveness from the baby towards me and the feeling of God's forgiveness. These things have helped ease the inner violence I have felt the past seventeen years. I have also seen how badly other women are hurting as a result of abortion. I'm sure there are many women who could benefit from this program. I know it saved my life and made me aware of my own self-destructiveness. It was important to get some insight on why we made and make the decisions that we do."

"Rachel's Vineyard has been an invaluable help to me. It has opened my eyes as to why certain things were going on in my life. It has made me realize that my abortion has affected everything I do. It has helped me put the last eight years of turmoil behind me. I feel that you can't get help like this anywhere else. It has made me closer to God and his love for me. I highly recommend Rachel's Vineyard to anyone who has had an abortion. "

".....I was 22 years old the day I had my abortion. It was an experience that would change my life forever. For years I felt angry, numb, guilty, empty, confused and alone. But with the work we did in Rachel's Vineyard, I have been able to find peace and forgiveness within myself. Its the first time I've had peace. It has also given me a re-birth in my faith. "


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