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Houston Rachel's Vineyard
Interdenominational & Catholic Retreats

Gulf Coast, is formally registered as Gulf Coast Mercies, Inc. 
We are a Christ centered nonprofit ministry serving the Houston, TX area.
Our purpose is to offer exclusive counseling for post-abortive women, men and their loved ones. This resource grew as a result of our own experiences in post-abortive recovery and therapy.

We prepare a safe & gentle place to begin healing the trauma of abortion and miscarriage - one weekend at a time. Using the Rachel's Vineyard Retreat Program™ we have the ability to promote and encourage the necessary healing processes. We have formed a wonderful and caring team comprised of Clergy, Counselors and Laity working together to offer a response with the latest trauma theory integrated with an interfaith approach.

No matter what brought on the pregnancy loss, women and men are hurting after this life changing event. I have personally been through such a loss,several times.
The trauma and grief created agony and suffering until I was fortunate enough to find help. Through the Grace of God, I was made aware of a place to go for healing.The Rachel's Vineyard Retreat Program™, was the format used where I experienced God's Mercy.
It has and continues to be a profound and life changing event.

One unexpected outcome for those who have experienced the weekend retreat,is the healing effects that flow softly towards our loved ones.

We wanted to share the same mercy shown to us.


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